What Have You Been Taught About The Soul

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Edan wrote:

Silas Mercury wrote: I was taught it by his books and poems and speeches, and what I chose to believe.

Rosalyn was asking what you were taught (by other people, by your culture, by your family).. learning from a book is not the same thing.

Why is it not the same thing? Are Christians not taught about the soul from the book of the bible? Rosalyn herself quoted many passages from the bible concerning what she was taught. Are Christians not encouraged to study the bible on their own to learn of its many nuances and teachings? Why is a book Silas has picked up to learn from any different? I didnt see see anywhere in the opening post where rosalyn stated it had to be by other people or culture.
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I have several view points on this subject. I was raised Christian and the way I understood the soul is it was given by God to every human. The difference between animal and mankind from what I understand from a Biblical sense is animal has only a spirit where man has a spirit but, also a soul. Now, that I think of it what is the difference between soul and spirit? But, anyways...

My personal belief now as a Jedi is simple our soul is the substance of our consciousness and it will be what will return to The Force one day. This however, is my own belief and opinion.

I have also learned what other cultures believe. However, I decline to add all that considered I think Roslyn did a fantastic job already doing this already and many others.

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