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24 Mar 2014 22:47 #142455 by Proteus
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“For it is easy to criticize and break down the spirit of others, but to know yourself takes a lifetime.”
― Bruce Lee

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25 Mar 2014 16:42 #142520 by Gisteron
Replied by Gisteron on topic I Do Not Know
Philosophy starts with a question, squiggles for a century or two around it just so in the end it can arrive at "I don't know" and think of itself as having achieved anything of value.

I think science starts with a second part of that sentence. It tracks back where philosophy ended but then goes on to start its own quest. Perhaps something like:

I don't know, but let's find out, shall we!

Better to leave questions unanswered than answers unquestioned

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  • Akkarin
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25 Mar 2014 16:55 #142521 by Akkarin
Replied by Akkarin on topic I Do Not Know

Terry Pratchett's the Hogfather (film) wrote: It was sometime after the universe's creation that most people forgot that the very oldest stories of the beginning are sooner or later about... blood.

At least that's one theory. The philosopher Didactylos has suggested another hypothesis: 'Things just happen, what the hell.'

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25 Mar 2014 17:28 #142530 by Khaos
Replied by Khaos on topic I Do Not Know
All science starts/started, at " I dont know."

All scientist love "I dont know."

I dont know, is the beginning of a puzzle, a journey...

Things happen, mabye for no reason at all...But most often the question a scientist asks doesnt begin with why, its how or what.

Motive is usually a byproduct of other questions, or one of the last asked.

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