Tao vs The Force

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24 Dec 2013 13:57 #130324 by Alan
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For me, it is the case that everything Alexandre posted here is true and good. It is also the case that for me this online Temple is the place where I find the most interesting people that discuss this sort of thing. My Jediism is syncretic including select aspects of both Daoism and Zen, but with less emphasis on the religious practices traditionally associated with these traditions. Personally, it would not be accurate to describe myself as a Daoist or a Zen Buddhist because I omit much of these traditions. But when describing the content of my Jediism, it sounds so much like a description of Daoism and Zen.

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24 Dec 2013 14:08 #130325 by Streen
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Jestor wrote: No more than if you add God, Allah, or Zues....

Its man who seperates, not the divine....

I hope that helps...:)

Yeah! Couldn't have said it better myself :D

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24 Dec 2013 14:20 #130328 by Mareeka
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tzb wrote: I don't think the two concepts are the same, but they can happily work together if viewed in certain ways.

For me the Force describes the "living" aspect of Tao, kind of a subset of the wider whole.

Or perhaps, Tao describes an aspect of the Force, I'm not sure.

A little like when Chuang Tzu pondered, am I a man dreaming I'm a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I'm a man... am I the universe believing it's a man, or a man believing a universe into being?

What I can say is having spent time studying both, despite overlaps they're still separate, distinct ideas in my mind.

What Chuang Tzu is speaking to an "experience"

I see The Tao and The Force as synonymous for ENGERGY as already stated


I can understand the musing in terms of "is one a subset of the other?"

It seems that the question is birthing more so from a ponderance of which path has more usefulness to you for application in the world and personal growth? . . Is that what I am hearing?

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