The difficult choice

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10 Dec 2013 04:10 #127900 by Learn_To_Know
Replied by Learn_To_Know on topic The difficult choice

sidvkili wrote: lol the force didn't lead them to die. "it lead" you to make a choice. You made it but don't act like it's not there.

Well, as I said in a previous post, if they were meant to live, I wouldn't have been "led" there by the Force to save them, because the Force knows I would have put my child before the strangers.

sidvkili wrote: It's not an inevitable death for them. Just an inevitable death at play. Which really sucks.


sidvkili wrote: How about this. Imagine the guy chose the strangers instead of his son. Looked on him one last time in the eyes and let him die. I wonder if he really and truly loved his kid for doing that.

I don't think he would've made a "bad" choice there either. I don't think one choice is right and the other is wrong. It's just a choice and both have consequences. I would choose my kin over strangers. It doesn't matter the number.

(At least I can rest easy in the fact that it's probably about as likely I win the lottery as to being faced with a decision like that.)

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