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I was wondering what others might think of this particular idea.

I have thought of seeing which deities are right for me and the Celtic pantheon is interesting, particularly the Irish pantheon and thought of looking at Brigid. I was wondering how this would go as far as offerings.

I thought of writing a poem about her in the Ogham alphabet since it'd probably be more appropriate to use than English and she's a patron of poets. I was going to put the poem under my pillow and an amethyst crystal because they usually give me more realistic and clear dreams. I thought that maybe she could appear and provide signs, or show appreciation or to see if she's the right deity for me at all.

Does anyone think it's a good offering? Has anyone worked with Brigid before? If so, what was it like?

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8 years 4 months ago - 8 years 4 months ago #218522 by Edan
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I noticed no-one replied and I'm not sure if I can help entirely, but I didn't want your thread to go without a response.

When it comes to deities I don't believe that any of them are 'real' per se, that they have supernatural powers that can influence my life. But, I do believe that channelling their qualities can be beneficial.. and as such treat them as if they might be real, because it helps me with that connection.

Do whatever you feel would work to help you create a connection with Brigid.. if that means putting up a devotional to her or writing her poetry then do it. Whether you'll get signs or not.. I can't really help with that, if you believe in her as a real deity then it's possible, but I would imagine you might need to maintain a consistent form of worship or honour for a while in order for her to do that (I don't have any experience here that I think would be useful to you as I am now agnostic/atheist). But, if you are doing things to foster a connection with her then you may start to see changes or signs in your own thoughts because of that connection... I think that's a natural response to trying to channel the qualities of anything/anyone.. if you're spending a lot of time thinking about a deity that's all about the family (say the Egyptian goddess Hathor), then it seems likely that your own proclivities would also start to bend in that direction. For that reason I'd say that the 'right deity' would probably embody the qualities you want to posses.

I wrote a sermon about a similar topic a little while ago that may help.

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