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My Master, Anora^una_Ilorn wrote: “I would like you to write a summary of what the Temple Doctrine and Creed means to you. How has it affected your life and perhaps the lives of those around you?”

The Temple Of The Jedi Order Doctrine explains to all what the Temple Of The Jedi Order is based upon. The Temple beliefs are not based upon the Star Wars movies, or what director George Lucas portrays in Star Wars. The Jedi belief is based upon the teachings of many different religious beliefs; some teachings are those from the movie characters such as Jedi Master Yoda, but more in spirit rather than fact. Jediism is a syncretistic religion involving beliefs from one or more faiths. Real Jedi believe in their own faith but may follow the Jedi path to more understand their beliefs and practices. The path of the Jedi gives individuals a code to follow, a code that is intertwined within their own beliefs be that Christian, Buddhist, Shao-Lin, and even Paganism.

Jedi value the life of all creatures, human, and animal alike, we are all bound by the Force, what happens to one affects all around. Jedi are keepers of the peace, bound by the Jedi Code and the 16 Basic Teachings of the Jedi. Jedi work toward peace and prosperity for all, people regardless of race color or creed.

The Temple Doctrine and Creed represent the values I myself try to live by. The ability to use my knowledge and understanding of the world I live in to help others is just a small step in the process of a more peaceful world. I instill these values un my family as much as allowed without forcing my beliefs upon them, they a free to choose their own paths and the paths they have chosen support the basic tenants of the Temple Doctrine.

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