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07 Jul 2008 18:53 #16944 by Garm
Brazen Bruin was created by Garm
This is from my local rag B)

Brazen Bruin, takes turn as a backseat driver

North Bay Nugget
July 4, 2008
Gord Young

Sylva Finch has lived too long to be afraid of a measly old black bear.

That's why she can laugh about the damage to her car overnight Thursday after a bruin brazenly crawled through her window, leaving claw marks on the vehicle doors and ripping apart the back seat.

\"I'm 75 years old...and there's no way I'm going to be afraid of a bear at my age,\" said Finch, who blames herself for leaving the windows down in her car.

Her Feronia Road home has been a popular stop for three black bears in recent weeks, including one which has only three legs. Her guess is that the bear lost one of its limbs due to stepping into a trap.

inch says the bears were first attracted to garbage stored inside a truck in a garage on her property that doesn't have any doors. She said that the vehicle belongs to her son who makes regular trips to the dump as part of his job. Needless to say, he's installing doors on the building this week.

\"I've never been afraid of animals,\" said Finch, who turned one bear away from some peanuts on her porch by simply telling the bruin that they wern't for him.

She said her ease around animals, especially bears, came at young age when her father owned a service station adjacent the North Bay Jail. She said that he kept a bear cub as a pet at the business that her brothers wrestled and customers fed soda pop.

Garm note:

There are many (at least a dozen) bears relocated from the city center here each year. I live outside of the city in the country and existing with the bears has become quite normal. I have never seen any on my property but a farmer about a half mile down the road says he gets many in his corn every year. We keep our garbage in wildlife proof containers and we keep aware of our surroundings. I for one like to see the bears while I'm out riding on crown land (old logging & mining roads) They are such wonderful animals.

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07 Jul 2008 19:11 #16945 by
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:laugh: got to give her credit where it is due. Nice.

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