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This is a question that mostly goes out to Jedi who have served or currently are Law Enforcement Officers at any level:
How well do you understand the legality of your actions in the execution of your duties?

This question came up because I jokingly asked an L.E.O. friend of mine who stopped to talk to me if the conversation was a Terry stop (sorry non-Americans). He had no idea what that meant, but it really made me curious what sort of acting guidelines and literacy of laws the enforcement officials act under.

Edit: corollaries can be drawn to military as well, but I have no idea what sort of measure there is for one's actions and aegis for one's actions in that context.

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I know little about USA law enforcement, and even less about the military, but I have some State Police friends in Oz, and to the best of my understanding, from campfire stories, is that their legal training is fairly extensive*

*At least as far as their authority and powers go. Many a copper has been caught out from not having an exact understanding of the application of one law or another, generally traffic infringements ;) - but who here (or anywhere) can say that, on the spot, they can execute any particular action of their trade with pinpoint understanding of the policies and details involved.

Of course, people are just people, and how well any given meatsack understands the bureaucracy they operate within is a big graph.
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