Good forum app I can access TotJO through?

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05 May 2019 03:24 #338027 by
Hey guys. I’ve got an iPhone X, and despite how smart it’s supposed to be, it has trouble handling TotJO (I guess it isn’t optimized for mobile browsers). Specifically, when I load it up through chrome or safari, it reloads the page every time I try to open the drop down menu on the TotJO home page so I can’t effectively browse the temple site.

So, do any of you guys know of an app that I can access the forum through which is a little less fussy? I’m not expecting much out of this, but it’s worth a try.

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05 May 2019 10:14 #338042 by ren
Totjo uses bootstrap, which makes it mobile friendly. The issues you appear to be experiencing could be caused by bugs in your session. Try to clear all your totjo cache and cookies.

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