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I have built up a fairly sizable collection of research papers and articles on social issues in the last year or so. Much of it has been specific to race and racism, then to a lesser degree, gender differences and transgenderism. These are topics where i have often engaged with contentious people, and have found it useful to keep up with various bits of quality sources which ive used to justify my positions.

The collection is growing beyond what is handy to keep in my “notes” on my phone, and id like to have a backup in case something happens and i lose the info. I know this doesnt really belong in “offline activities- feel free to move it wherever seems most appropriate. Id prefer it werent in the “Journals” forum because 1) i want people to participate and 2) id like us to be able to find it even when not logged in.

While my actual opinions on topics are consistent, they are also nuanced and the specific positions that i take tend to move around depending on who im talking to; i usually challenge people who are clearly on one side or another. Some examples: BLM types are mostly wrong about police inappropriately shooting black people, but Ben Shapiro and his followers are mostly wrong about racism not being “a thing” anymore. White supremacists are mostly wrong about “the failure of multi-culturalism” but “progressive” leftists are mostly wrong in thier beliefs that societies can handle unliimited and unscrutinized immigration.

Whatever your opinions on whatever topics, I INVITE YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!
WHATEVER topics youre interested in, if you have quality research (especially peer reviewed studies or articles that are backed by peer review studies, or analysis from established experts in a field) and youd like to include them into the collective, please do. I have learned to let go of proving that im already right in favor of being willing to update my views based on evidence. Good research is good research and it doesnt matter to me what “side” of any issue it supports. Throw it in the pot!

Again, theres no topic limits. All topics are welcome.

I include the titles of the studies, links to them, and in many cases a summary of their conclusions. These links are all live at the time of this posting but that doesnt mean they always will be. If the link is dead when you click it, you should be able to find the content by searcning the title. Some search engines work better than others, for this. Lines in (parenthesis) are my synopsis of what the study concludes. I recall that there are limits to how many links we can include in a single post - think we’re about to find out what those limits are and i really hope this doesnt cause any problems.

Education Trust: FUNDING GAPS 2018
An Analysis of School Funding Equity Across the U.S. and Within Each State
(Essentially says schools in minority districts recieve less funding)

However, that study is somewhat contradicted by the following research which indicates that in some important instances, schools tend to spend more on minority students than on white students.

Do school districts spend less money on poor and minority students?

IZA Institute of Labor Economics August 2016
IZA DP No. 10165: Teacher Expectations Matter
(There is a statistically significant tendancy for white teachers to have lower expectations of black students, especially black boys, and this bias has some effect on student outomes)

(Employers are significantly less likely to contact Jamal and Lakisha)

Race, Space, and Cumulative Disadvantage: Case Study of the Subprime Lending Collapse
(Banks targted minority borrowers for predatory lending and this was a significant driver of the recent USA housing crisis)

Racial Segregation and the American Foreclosure Crisis

People are complicated.
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I got six links in the first one but this one is telling me that six is too much.... this will be fun, lol

Discriminatory rates in banking and auto insurance

The Foreclosure Crisis and Racial Disparities in Access to Mortgage Credit

Once i started looking into this i found so many studies that i stopped collecting them. Only found one so far which challenges the general conclusions:
Rethinking the Role of Racial Segregation in the American Foreclosure Crisis

Also on the issue of bank discrimination, look up “redlining and reverse redlining” AND web search the words “discriminatory lending” along with ANY of the following bank names; JPMorgan and Chase, M&T bank, Citigroup(which is also Citibank), PNC, Wells Fargo, Evans bank, US Bank, BankCorp, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, TD Bank, Capital One, HSBC.

ProPublica and Consumer Reports co-published a study in 2017:
Minority Neighborhoods Pay Higher Car Insurance Premiums Than White Areas With the Same Risk

2015 study by Consumer Federation of America:
High Price of Mandatory Auto Insurance in Predominantly African American Communities

How We (ProPublica) Examined Racial Discrimination in Auto Insurance Prices

People are complicated.
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Discrimination in housing, false convictions, promotions in the medical field

US Department of Housing and Urban Development did a study called:
(The full report is kind of a pain in the ass but here it is)
A summary is here:

National Registry of Exonerations
(Minorites (especially blacks) are several times more likely to be falsely convicted on serious charges than whites and significantly more likely to be convicted due to deliberate misconduct by the state)

This almost doesnt belong here but its here anyway
Cashing checks, napping, more activities leading to police calls on black people in 2018

Institutional Variation in the Promotion of Racial/Ethnic Minority Faculty at US Medical Schools. 2012
(Black medical professionals less likely to be promoted- controlled for performance differences)

People are complicated.
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Promotions, housing/credit/consumer markets, mental health disparities

Racial and ethnic disparities in faculty promotion in academic medicine. 2000
(Same as above)

The Sociology of Discrimination: Racial Discrimination in Employment, Housing, Credit, and Consumer Markets

Women in the Workplace 2018 (women of color promoted less)

Women and visible minorities less likely to be promoted than white men, says study

Mental Health Disparities: Mental Health Facts for Diverse Populations
(Doesnt confirm discrimination, only disparity)

People are complicated.
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Bias and disparity in medical and mental health treatments

Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment by Hormone Receptor and HER2 Status
(Discrimination or bias considered to be likely)

A comparison of physician implicit racial bias towards adults versus children
(Theres controvery as to the merits of implicit bias so i dont cite IB studies much)

(First responders less likely to use pain meds when treating minorities):
Investigating EMS Treatment Disparities by Patient Race/Ethnicity for Traumatic and Painful Emergencies

(Doctors are less likely to prescribe pain meds to minoroty patients even though whites are more likely to abuse them)
AMA Journal of Ethics: Pain and Ethnicity

Black and African American Communities and Mental Health
(I dont remember what this one says lol, sorry)

People are complicated.
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Racial bias and disparity in treatment and criminal justice

Bias in Criminal Risk Scores Is Mathematically Inevitable, Researchers Say
(Algorithms used to determine recidivism rates when considering things like probation are more likely to incorrectly predict against minorities than whites. Title is misleading; study says bias could be corrected)

Bias, Black Lives, and Academic Medicine
David A. Ansell, M.D., M.P.H., and Edwin K. McDonald, M.D.
Perspective Piece: New England Journal of Medicine

Racial Disparity in Federal Criminal Charging and Its Sentencing Consequences
(Prosecutors more likely to enact mandatory minimums with black defendants)

Racial Bias in Police Investigations
(Officers show bias towards traffic commuters of their race)

Judges, Juveniles, and In-Group Bias
(Judges show bias towards defendents of their race)

People are complicated.
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Racial bias in policing and criminal justice

An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force
(Non lethal force more likely to be used against minorities. Lethal force NOT more likely to be used)

The Skin Color Paradox and the American Racial Order
(dark-skinned African Americans are likely to receive sentences 2.6 years longer)

DOJ Investigation of Baltimore Police Department

DOJ Investigation of Ferguson Missouri Police Department

Blacks and white marijuana usage nearly identical but blacks 3.7 times more likely arrested

People are complicated.
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Racial bias in criminal justice, racial dofferences in IQ

Same Background. Same Crime. Different Race. Different Sentence
(When defendants score the same points in the formula that is used to set criminal punishments — indicating they should receive equal sentences — blacks spend far longer behind bars)

Class, Race, and Gender in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Ways of Seeing Difference
(Pretty SJWish, to be honest. An overtly marxist lens)

(Racial differences in IQ- people DO NOT like this line of research; sorry)


Black Americans Reduce the Racial IQ Gap: Evidence from Standardization Samples
(One hopeful bit of researc)

People are complicated.
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IQ, white supremacy, racial characteristics of gang activity, crime and poverty

Natural History of Ashkenazi (Jewsih) Intelligence
(Jews are smarter than everyone else- suck it, white identitarians!)

With Hate in their Hearts: The State of White Supremacy in the United States

Race and Ethnicity of Gang Members 2011

Social Economic (SES) Status And Crime

FBI Statistics on Crime and Race in 2016

People are complicated.
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Goobal map of diversity by nation, Canada C-16, intelligence, life success

Diversity and Democracy Washington Post

Canada Bill C-16

Cognitive Capitalism: The Effect of Cognitive Ability on Wealth, as Mediated
Through Scientific Achievement and Economic Freedom

Three Simple Rules Poor Teens Should Follow to Join the Middle Class
(The Ben Shapiro study lol)

Following the success sequence? Success is more likely if you’re white.
(The study that Ben Shapiro fails to mention)

Work and Marriage: The Way to End Poverty and Welfare

People are complicated.
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