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Kicking it back old school. Before Temple of the Jedi Order and Before Old Guard Jedi Forum's and before "The Jedi Community" There were Role Playing Forums and Chat Rooms. Back in the far founder days....This is how we learned. I thought it would be fun, just because :) Feel free to join me! Or not...I'll post here at random with or without participation of others. :) Enjoy it either way!

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Lets get started!
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The temple was quite this early in the morning. The planetary sun still fighting to shine through the systems atmosphere. Even the hum of passenger ships held a steady drone that dampened significantly through the atmospheric projectors that gave the temple its comforting quite.

Here in the gardens especially held a sense of vibrating life energy that encouraged students to sit and contemplate for awhile. Which helped as a sizable class of students had been gathering for that very reason. A morning meditation club that Knight Emry's had assembled to help students practice the finer points before the Apprentice Trials. Even though this was created for the Initiates of the Temple, it appeared a few Apprentice's and even a couple of Knights had gathered to participate.

Sitting pillows had been tossed about the mossy like grass, allowing the assembled club members to find places of most comfort to them. Knight Emrys herself was perched on a stone bench in the center, seemingly quite comfortable despite the hard surface surrounding her whilst she waited for the others to join.
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The assembling club members spoke to each other in low drone's. Greetings were given, little trilling of laughter mingled with the glares of two young initiates who had previously had a silent spat over something and had not yet gotten over their grudges. Mumerings of Knights spoke of their missions while apprentices excitedly chattered about the upcoming trials, one boldly announcing that he would be Master Alaxander's apprentice, he could feel it.

All of these social mingling died down into silence as four important words vibrated into the air. Not just in hearing but also within their thoughts and penetrating deeply into the core of their senses.

"....There is no emotion."

Taking the que, those participating in the clubs mediation moved to their chosen places, some dragging pillows over to sit with friends while others folded legs to sit where they stood. Instead of whispered words now, the sounds of shifting fabrics and clinking sabers filled the air. Various coughs and clearing of throats mingled as Knight Emrys smiled, penetrating emerald eyes shifting and meeting the gaze of each person there. Her presence in the force reached out to touch each in turn, acknowledging their presences, greeting them with amused glints in green eyes, and reassuring them with polite smiles that this would be a good day. It was as if she was able to hold conversations with each one of them without even speaking a single word. It was this revelation that stilled the surrounding members.

...shifting sounds became rested, discomforts became comforted, and one by one the members replied to Knight Emery in turn. Expanding out their auras, reaching out to each other through the force, and communicating with each other simply by their soothing presence.

"There is peace." Knight Emrys spoke up with gentle, kind words.

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For a short time, peace lingered over the gathering. The Force vibrated around and through them, caressing and bolstering their senses.

But soon, a shifting was heard. It was faint, a very young Initiate tugging on the sleeve of an Apprentice next to him. He had the look of loss and confusion, brown eyes looking around in an attempt to find answers.

The Apprentice though was comfortable and reluctant to stir from her Meditation, irritation burned in her aura as she gently shrugged the initiates hand off her and tried to focus on 'Peace'

The Initiate went silent for half a heartbeat before he was tugging on her sleeve again. Fearful of using words in such a peaceful and quite surrounding but clearly desperate to find answers. The initiate was one of the newer students admitted to the temple, only a few weeks into studies and struggling to understand so much. He had joined the club in hopes of bolstering his learning process but, the Apprentice grunted and shrugged the nuisance off of her sleeve again. She did not know of the boys credentials, only that he was being annoying when she was trying to meditate.

"There is no Ignorance."

Knight Emrys spoke up. The Knight in lead of the club did not turn to look to the conflict, merely spoke up the next line of their precious code.

The Apprentice frowned.

A burning in her chest and warming of cheeks reminded her that she was being rude. Breathing patience in slowly she released her frustrations and turned to look down at the pleading Initiate, realizing just how young he was and understanding that he was probably unsure how to do what she was doing and thus...missing out on the peace everyone else felt.

As quietly as she could, she leaned down and began instructing the Initiate on how to sit. Folding his legs comfortably upon the pillow he had chosen, and placing a hand on the small of his back in reminder to keep a good posture in order to allow the force as well as blood and oxygen to flow without obsticals. After a quick five minuets of her time...the Initiate and Apprentice both sat side by side, gentle smiles upon lips as they shared in the peaceful energy around them...and their new friendships.

"...There is Knowledge." Knight Emrys smiled in approval.
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The pace of the meditation continued. Students of all ages, ranks and types were present. Species of different sectors, planets and backgrounds represented here. Each had something to prove. Each had a goal or dream to reach towards and every one of them knew that in order to get to where they want to be...they had to work hard to do it. Some followed the paces set before them by their instructors and Masters. Others pushed themselves further...

There is no passion

It was these students who sat the tallest, carried there pressence confidently with raised chins and determined creases in their brows. They surpassed expectations. Made new goals and took on extra burdens....

But even these students, hardened by there passions and desires, understood and softened in the pressence of there comrades all working towards a singular expression....

There is serenity

OOC: Hey guys!! It's been awhile since I've written in here. It was requested that I resurrect it, so here it is!! Ros...sorry it took so long! Ended up slicing my thumb with a very sharp knife and needed to wait for it to heal over before investing in anything requiring more than one finger typing XD haha.
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