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So, I've been really thinking about writing a story. Not a Jedi story per se, but a Force Realist story. I want to make it into our Future though, not our past. I have no desire to re-write our past involving some Force Realist when the term "Jedi" didn't exist till George Lucas...but I have a lot of questions for myself. I want to do this for NaNoWriMo, so I am trying to flesh out my story and the background of it.

Well if I make the story about 150 years from now...
Will anyone remember George Lucas?
Is there a Temple?
Is there an academy, if there is no temple?
What would be the roll of Jedi/Force Realist be 150 years for now?
Would people who are young be brought up to be more sensitive to the energy around them?
What would be the teachings?
Would some people consider themselves Sith?
Would the Sith meet in the temple/academy, or would it be in secret?
What role would the "Sith" have?

What are the conditions of 150 years from now?
-Medicine (any diseases)
-Space Travel
-Conflict? i.e. Wars
-Earth (the environment and the above)
-Human life expectancy and the genetics as well as clones

I gotta do some research on our current sciences and the projection~ actually if anyone knows about that stuff please let me know :)

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I do not think George Lucas work will have be forgotten by then. I think there will probably be some re-work of episodes 4-6 at some point. I do not know if by then, someone will decided to stab at episodes 6-9....I remember my uncle referring to it as supposed to be the trilogy of trilogies. Probably by then, there will be a stronger revival for Jediism once again, besides that of existing Jedi people.

So I think, eventually the people of the community will end up building their own temple/academy...for their own place of learning, sacred, and physical training. Need I go into the classes? Psychology, body language, negotiation, leadership, communication, etc. Obviously kids would not learn all that at that age, but other classes would be more important, like physical training, basic concepts, meditation. I am sure many Jedi would raise their kids with a certain awareness of the world and energy/Force around them and probably raise their kids with an open mind and of course the freedom to choose to be Jedi or not. If you train kids to be more trusting of their intuition from the get go, they will find it more easier to trust when they are adults versus learning it as Adults. So Yes I think they will be more "sensitive" because they would be more accepting and understanding. But everyone has talents in different areas too.

I do not think of Jedi at that time as an important role within society, how obviously in the SW universe they are. A Jedi is a lawyer, a wife, a best friend, a child, a soldier, a diplomat, a political activist, etc. Jedi I think at this time would be more of the spiritual movement it is now. I think at this point anyone who associates themselves with "Jedi" would be seen as upstanding citizens, if the right actions are taken in our times to carry through to 150 years later. I think there would still be some association with the SW universe, but, through the writings of now (fiction, certain art pieces, as well as "intelligent" writing like philosophy and what people do in their journals), Force Realists can somewhat separate themselves.

It's a bright future for the Jedi/Force Realist that I see. But it requires making a "living culture," a way of life.

Now for the Sith aspect, I think I need to sit on this more. I'll write on "apprenticeship" once I have a better idea of how to "role" that out in the future with the story.

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