sorry but WTF !!!

13 Apr 2010 12:19 #29615 by 666
sorry but WTF !!! was created by 666
this is an art section, and its almost impossible to see anything, I read somewhere about problems in the server or something like that, but anyway, can be uploaded to any of the free host over the INTERNET like and just put the link here....

I like graphics a lot, I have some photoshop tutorials made by me, and maybe I like to share some art... but how ?

hopefully there's a solution

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13 Apr 2010 12:31 #29617 by Br. John
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That is a good solution and so is

This year we will have an entire new site program so we're devoting all the energy to that rather than fixing the problems with this old thing.

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13 Apr 2010 17:07 #29625 by
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photobucket is a good option - cos when youve uploaded a file to your account their - it has all the codes etc you could ever need already to bo copy n pasted beneath each picture

as a demo - if an idiot like me can do it ... :D


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