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07 Feb 2010 06:11 #28553 by
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hope you all enjoy this poem I wrote recently. I entitled it Divine Love although it encompasses so much more.

A Force blazing so torrid,more fiery than 10,000 suns
incinerating endlesssly all of our impurities
a gaze so profound yet exquisite
manifested in the creation of life.
How can one abide in the reality and fullness of the Force's essence.
A love so sensational known only to a few
perceptive yet seeking the Abyss that is my heart's core.
Transmuting every perception
molding us into a new creation
joined heart to heart and looking within
A love so Divine making us one
as we venerate the Force within all things.
Mundane substances cease to exist
as transcendental aura permeates the Temple.
Mercy' radiant glow upon each face
emancipated souls rejoicing ceaselessly
lost in the wisdom of the Force.
A love foretold by the Masters of old
revealing The Force to the world
yet few learn to listen
as Compassion streams forth
from the essence of the Force
to the depths of every soul
lifting us into an ocean of bliss
as we reunite with the Force.

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