Chronicles of Yin

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Chronicles of Yin was created by
I had an interesting vision of one of my force guides of old. This is fiction. Take it with a grain of salt.


"Welcome to my sparring room. Here you will learn all the nuances of Force Combat. Yes, there are other important parts to being a Jedi, but nothing will prepare you to fight a Sith Lord like actually practicing the combat itself.
Get out your training saber. Yes, I know, you haven't used it since you were a child, but I want you to be able to strike me without fear of harming me. That is, if you'll even be able to strike me. I expect that to take quite some time.
I'll be using a training saber as well, and yes, I will strike you with it. It's turned up, so it won't be completely painless, but you're not about to lose an arm or anything."

She smirked and narrowed her eyes, a rather lustful look coming across her face. Not an expression that was commonly worn by Jedi Masters.

"As you are aware, I call myself a Grey Jedi. I uphold the balance of things, and skirt the edge. There is a reason I do not have a council seat, even though they have occasionally offered me such an honor. I will train you to fight against the most powerful of the Sith. You will not be affected by their showmanship or other nasty tricks."

She held out her saber in the air in front of her, then slowly let her hands fall away from the hilt, holding it in place with her force energy.

"And nasty tricks, they have many. Shall we begin?"

~statick break~

"Stop trying to hit me and HIT ME already."

"You borrowed that from an old holocron."

She smirked a wild grin. "Good. Yes, I did, but it's an effective line. You've come close to grazing me so many times, but I have yet to feel the sting of your saber. Come on already."

"I swear, sometimes I think you're more of a Sith master than a Jedi one."

"I told you already. I'm Gray. Now come the hell on. We've only got half an hour left of training."

"If I make it that fa~"

"... you will. Now come on."


She bowed her head slightly as she entered the council room. All of the seats were filled, and they all bore a grave expression.

"We have a mission for you."

"You generally don't call on me for missions. What's going on?"

"A student has turned. He is now a Sith apprentice."

She sighed a heavy sigh, her gaze falling downward. She knew what was about to come, simply from reading between the lines.

"Was it one of my students?"

The council head looked across the room with a level, but cold eyed glare. "Your training is... alternative. And problematic. I won't question the quality of your students abilities, but their psyche.. leaves something to be desired."

"You and I both know that my students are powerful weapons against the Sith threat. My students, in the past decade, have single handedly handled as many threats as the rest of the entire council combined."

"We know. Bring him back, dead or alive. You may leave to prepare now."


"Come hither, youngling."

"Youngling." The student smiled broadly. "I haven't been called that in quite awhile."

"I know." Her face was cold and steeled. "It's time for you to fight me with your real saber."

"... wha..?"

"Do not question me right now. I've been given a mission, one that you cannot accompany me on. Now, get your saber and meet me in the sparring room."


The sound of sabers clashed through the air. Yin didn't have her usual smirk across her face, instead her eyes were steely and cold. Yet, every strike was delivered with precision, and blocked just the same by her student.

Occasionally, she would risk a spinning attack, something that was not in her past training. It caught the student by surprise the first.. even second time it came. Yin was not one to expose her back, but she was not fighting with her usual style.

Eventually, the student caught the timing, and struck at her back. She just barely dodged the attack, letting it carve a rough S shape into her flesh.

Her return blow was fierce, one of the strongest she had ever used against her student. His saber almost flew out of his hands, but he clutched onto it at the last moment and readied it in a panicked guard.

"I.. Hit you."

Her cold voice rang through the room. "Yes, you did. Now hit me again."

She came at him with a dangerous, aggressive slash downwards. There was a slight shockwave from where their sabers met, pulsing outwards and seeming to push the walls outward slightly.

They battled for another hour, until she had finally tired her student near the point of exhaustion.

As he held the saber awkwardly in front of him, facing her directly, she span her back and did a quick 'dodge', carving a circle around the S in her flesh.

He froze with shock. "Wha--"

Without hesitation, she sliced her own robe apart, revealing the fresh, but cauterized wound. It looked... almost symbolic.

"It's a yinyang. Use your saber to fill it in."

"--t the HELL."

"Do it already."

"... as you wish, master."

She barely winced as he did his work.

"Good. You graduate now. At this point, you're probably a match for any Jedi Master or Sith Lord. Now get out."




She perched in the rafters, just above the doorway. Her.. previous.. student would pass through at any moment. She knew she had to do this quick. She couldn't allow his combat reflexes to kick in.

"Ironic how they send me to bring in my students that turn. They always give me sideways glances as if expecting me to turn myself."

She sighed quietly, and then focused her gaze downwards.


As he entered the room, she silently catapulted herself off of her ledge, summoning a massive force push towards his skull as she fell. He crumpled to the ground without a second thought, and a split moment later she landed on top of him, transferring his lightsaber onto her belt and producing a length of cord in one smooth motion.

She silently hogtied him, and then quickly hoisted the unconcious body onto her shoulders.


She kicked open the door to the council room, and launched the poor soul into the center of the room.

"I have returned."

She silently made her way over to him again, and lit up her saber in the center of the council semicircle.

She inverted it, and then drove it down directly into the base of his spine, through him, and into the floor.

"Don't kill him."

She then took his saber, lit it up, and sliced her robes off, revealing her new scars to the council, as well as her underwear. She deactivated and tossed his saber against the ground, with an angry grunt.

"And I'm done training. Goodbye."

She then strode out of the room without daring to meet the eyes of another soul present.

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Yin bowed her head slightly as she entered the council room. She was wearing a simple hoodless grey robe over her body, emblazoned with a simple black circle on the back, outlining the tattoo under her clothes.

"You have bid my return?"

One of the eldest council members present opened their crinkly face to speak. "Yes, we have. Another one of your students has turned to the dark side. Something about your parting comment to him involving that he could take on any Jedi Master?"

She visibly winced from this relevation. She then resignedly sighed.

"Do you still have my lightsaber? I'll go get him."

"Her. He.. she.. had an.. interesting path to the darkside."

She blinked once at this, honestly taken aback slightly, before she brought her focus back to center and furrowed her brow again.

"Whatever. Do. You. Still. Ha--"

"Yes. It's in the hall, next to the weapons of the other council members of old."

She glared. "I was never a council member."

"By your choice. consider it honorary."

"Fine. I'll need a force crystal as well."

"Our armory is at your disposal. We have already lost one Master and Apprentice to this... opponent."

"We'll need it. You don't know the half of it."

~statick break~

"My student, you can be so much more POWERFUL than this. Totally devote yourself to your focus."

Around her twirled a dozen lightsabers, all moving in perfectly synchronous patterns, swirling back and forth in a deadly dance. On the floor lay another dozen lightsabers, laid in a perfect circle so that they were all pointed directly at the center."

"You've done all two dozen at once before."

A scream echoed forth from the center of the room, shaking the walls. "FOR. TEN. SECONDS." The sabers all momentarily dropped through the air, a few of them whizzing inches past her head, before being 'caught' again and returned to their plasma-y dance.

"Then do it for twenty seconds. Train your FOCUS."

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Interesting. I'll have more to say about this at a later time.

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