Force connection within The Dark Crystal??

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So, I finished watching "The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance", and I enjoyed it.

I also noticed some things that, to me, screamed, "This would fit into Star Wars" :P spoilers

Let me list off some things- First of all, The Crystal. Whether it's "The Crystal of Truth", or "The Dark Crystal", it seems, based on how it interacts with particular creatures, and by it's own nature, seems like it's just one great big kyber crystal. It's got strange properties that crystals just should not have, and it even seems to act with limited consciousness.

Augra is clearly sensitive to The Force, even if her power is largely uncultivated and thus limited to her obvious bond with The Crystal, and Thra by extension. While she was in a dormant state, sending her "mind" or "spirit" out to explore the universe, the Skeksis corruption of the Crystal severed her connection to Thra, as a limited microcosm of The Force, hence why she didn't notice and immediately return to stop them- they cut her off from The Force, and she had to reestablish it herself by "relearning the song of Thra".

The Skeksis and the Mystics, as well as their previously joined form, were clearly space farers, albeit by a more primitive, Force/"magic" dependent means. They were also clearly sensitive to the force, not only by their unique ability to interact with The Crystal as they do, as well as their strange bond with each other.

The Skeksis are pursuing immortality, a popular activity of Sith most noteably, and an endeavor to which The Crystal is central because-

Thra is clearly of a similar nature to Tython, as well as it's moons. It's made clear that The Skeksis are helping themselves to the life force of Thra itself, through The Crystal, to sustain themselves. It's said, in the series, that all life returns to Thra, and The Crystal of Truth is it's heart, but it's also stated from the very beginning that The Crystal is losing it's ability to sustain the Skeksis. This is because they are taking life from the world, while giving nothing back. The film, which is later on in their timeline, shows a Thra that has become barren, mostly around the castle where The Crystal is kept. There's a ritual involved in the death of Gelflings, referred to as "returning them to Thra". This suggests to me that Thra itself is connected to The Force, and The Crystal itself sustains the world through maintaining a balance, a balance that the Skeksis and their predecessors continue to disrupt, even corrupting The Crystal itself. This corruption even initiated my next point-

The Darkening. Due to the continuing corruption of The Crystal of Truth, and it's relationship to Thra itself, a similar corruption began spreading through the ecosystems and infecting the wild-life. Creatures infected with "The Darkening" become wild/wilder, violent, aggressive, and dangerous. It also turned out, The Emperor of the Skeksis is aware of The Darkening, and has been attempting to cultivate and control it, taking it into a special crystal, set in his scepter, even though doing so is causing it to corrupt and eat away at his body; obvious signs of having given oneself over too much to the Dark Side of The Force. similarly, an old, intelligent tree, a subterranean Gelfling named Deet, and the Emperor interact with The Darkening in a very familiar way: The Tree, and later, Deet, absorb, or take in, the corruption of The Darkening, and it resembles purple lightening when this takes place. The Emperor, in the season finale, attempts to wield what Darkening he's collected as a weapon against the Gelflings, and it resembles- that's right- a purple Force Lightning. Deet again absorbs it, and fires it right back at them, actually killing one of the Skeksis with it (a very significant event, since the skeksis have established themselves as god rulers among mortals, thus, can't die/be killed, but thats just silly plot stuff :P).

Mutants. The final scene of season one reveals that the Skeksis have begun creating The Garthim; using power from the corrupted crystal, as well as parts from very strong, intelligent creatures of Thra (the Arathim, a spider like species with a singular consciousness, and Gruenak). Within the extended universe, Sith did often engage in experimentation that included deliberate reshaping/mutating of existing lifeforms, including intelligent ones, and drew upon The Dark Side in some capacity to achieve this.

So, there we have it, Thra is likely floating around somewhere in The Unknown Regions of space in the Star Wars Universe :P
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