Who likes Sabbac? (lol me neither)

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Hey, kids!

Getting tired of that same old chance-and-skill card game?

Like Pazaak, but hate the idea of ANYBODY having ANY fun??

Well, prep your X-Wings, and check your Deathstar plans; here comes-


It's got:

Unclear turn structure!

Suits that have ZERO-ZERO-ZERO relevance or role in game play!

Confusing 2-tier betting pools!

Worried you might be in danger of losing, or *mock gasp* getting a feel for how this game works!?

Don't use the Force and flip the table just yet, you little minions of Xendor!!- you can call a "Sabbac Shift"!

It basically changes EVERYONE'S entire hand, and there are N-N-NO RULES about when this can "randomly" happen, or how often in a single game!

Sabbac! XD

If you're having fun, STOP IT. T_T

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