My Parody Strip: The Manga System

11 Feb 2017 01:11 #275614 by Kiiro_Infactoid
Kiiro_Infactoid created the topic: My Parody Strip: The Manga System
I hope I can freely post the link to my facebook album containing the Parody Strip here. Please friend me on FB so I can share/tag it to you:

this is completely a fanfiction which will contain a lot of things that Disney's Star Wars is less likely to show, much less attempt to, especially make a "Star Wars Anime or Manga" [Japanese-styled Comic]. (no offense)

Also, Please contact/reply to me if you want to ask something, have any concerns, or it is pretty taboo to do it here. (but isn't the whole story of Star Wars an attack against the Current System? And a return to "more civilized methods and times?" My aim is to make the whole lore of it much more relevant today, "Manga and Comic Style". B) Or at least I can explain to you [in the strip] why Tatooine's Dome houses are the most ideal house for stormy countries... Which might lead you to let me tell more about the SW Universe... but until then, Taboo-loo in Naboo! )

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