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hot meditation 22 Feb 2012 13:15 #51300

I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue, and if anyone can help me with it. I've recently started to be able to drift off into meditative states. However, when I get into a meditative state, I can't stay in it for very long because I begin to get too hot. Sometimes so much that it causes discomfort.

This is fine for when i'm doing Reiki, as the heat helps in the healing process, but for normal meditative state, it's just uncomfortable. Actually, it's like that in my Reiki as well but it takes longer for it to become uncomfortable.

So, is there something i'm doing wrong here? What I can do to not get so hot when meditating? I was getting into a meditative state at work today. A coworker sat down right next to me and asked if I had been outside. I said no and asked why and they said they could feel heat coming off of me.

On one hand, this is great because if I ever get stuck in a snow storm ( snows so much in Houston, TX, lol) but i'd really like to be able to meditate for more than 5 minutes without sweating and getting really hot. I thought maybe it was my I tried meditating in the buff......same thing. I get tingling sensations, then the heat starts and it just continues.

Anybody have any tips? Thanks in advance.
At first, I thought I was going crazy...but then the gummy bears and unicorn told me I was just fine.

Re: hot meditation 22 Feb 2012 13:40 #51303

First and foremost, I think learning how to focus your Force energy through the centers of your body may help. You may have blockages or too much yang Force energy. Acupuncture is a useful too but bringing your Force energy into your lower dan tien after meditation will help to stop blockages in your Force meridians (like stale pools of murky water).

Re: hot meditation 22 Feb 2012 13:52 #51304

Not something I have experienced personally in meditation.

Over-heating and sweating can be the bodies way of releasing certain toxins and when you meditate your body becomes more in tune so this might be why it occurs then.

I used to get overly hot and sweat quite easily in everyday life but this has stopped since I cut nicotine and caffeine out as both drugs stimulate the body in such a way that can cause it to overheat. I am not sure if you indulge in either of these drugs but cutting them out if you do may help.


Re: hot meditation 23 Feb 2012 10:35 #51371

I don't smoke (can't even stand around people who are smoking) and I only have one coke a day. No drugs. I am in the middle of changing my diet, which consists of mainly sugary and greasy food. But here is something I discovered.

A.) Perhaps I am trying to force energy into me. Instead of visualizing a white light flowing gently into me through my crown chakra and filling me up, I envisioned a large beam of light surging into me even after I've visualized it filling me up. So it's as if i'm constantly filling myself with energy even i'm i'm already filled up.

B.) Naturally, i'm a pyro. The slightest little spark makes me perk up. I get a natural, soothing feeling around fire, even if it's just a small flame. Perhaps this is contributing, as in the back of my subconscious mind, i'm visualizing fire as it is something that causes me to relax? If this is the case, how do I tell my subconscious to stop visualizing and associating fire with relaxation?

These are just my theories. Theory A would be pretty easy to work out, but theory B, I have no idea how to even begin to reprogram my brain... especially if it is subconscious as I believe.
At first, I thought I was going crazy...but then the gummy bears and unicorn told me I was just fine.
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