Agencies that Teach CPR/First Aid

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The previous thread concerning this topic was removed at the request of the OP.

Because of the serious nature of CPR/First Aid and the potential to cause harm without proper training, it is recommended that you receive and keep current your permit to perform CPR/First Aid. To this end, this list is meant only to provide links to agencies or programs that provide that service and I do not endorse the performing of CPR or First Aid without current training provided by a trained, licensed professional.

If you know of any agencies in your area that provide this service, please list them as we are an international temple and the more locales we have, the better

San Diego, CA, USA
This facility provides courses in adult and children CPR as well as First Aid. For those of you local to this area, you can have a class at your job as well. The training is inexpensive and in most cases can be covered by the employer
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