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I suppose they could be connected, but I'm not sure if it simply a matter of scale.

Ennui can usually be fixed by a good book, or a new lover, or some other excitement and purpose in life.

Depression is more like a coating of ice on your spine, immobilising and horrific, withering you from the inside.

I'm no mental health professional (well, not one that any credible institution has recognised anyway :woohoo: ) but in my mind there is some difference between natural Grief or Anxiety or Rejection that we all get from time to time and the ongoing suffering I sort of imagine when someone says "depression" (apparently the fancy-book word for it is Dysthymia. Good for them)

I feel like I've used this clip before, but I like it.

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rugadd wrote: Does anyone here go through that?

So many times, I can't count them.

Currently I'm on major depression and anxiety medication. It helps tremendously, but not all the time. I have much to be thankful for. Content with my life. Yet every now and then I feel that desperation. As if something is missing. I've learned to curb it naturally with the help of a saying I read a long time ago:

The search is what anyone would undertake if he were not sunk in the everydaness of his own life. To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair. —Walker Percy

I have to be onto something to stay happy. Not just doing something, but have an idea in my mind that drives me, something to look forward to, a purpose, a reason. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration, or just an interesting concept. Something to make me think, to make everything go from ordinary to extraordinary.

This life that you can see is just a shallow layer. There is SO much more to it than just being happy and content, having everything you need. And if you can convince yourself of that, there is no more "everydayness". Every day suddenly becomes the One and Only day. Every day becomes ALL DAYS.

"The sage does little,
but leaves nothing undone."
—Lao Tzu
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05 Aug 2018 03:34 - 05 Aug 2018 03:38 #324841 by Seregis
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I often have struggles with similar events like this where one day I am super happy and a song can send me into such an energetic hype that I just have to roll with it, and other days I feel like I want to hide away from the world and just not socialize. Sometimes the feelings are long, and sometimes they are very short lived. Rarely do I know what triggers them, but ninety percent of the time there is no cause.

Over several courses of self-research and reflection, I find that sometimes within our spiritual consciousness, we are going through a period of release. Sometimes, there is no necessary reason or explanation for it and we just have to roll with it. I'm not saying that this is the answer. I mean sometimes we won't have the answer for that moment in that moment, but taking some time later to reflect and meditate on it might provide some sort of clue to the answer.

Since every living thing is made up of energy, even you and me, we constantly pass through different types of energy we come across. People energy, animal energy, nature energy, food we consume created by the energy we put into the land to produce the food, and many other types of energy. We store some of that energy for our own use and in other cases, the energy simply passes through. The energy we hold onto can occasionally get stagnant or old and the way we sometimes release that is through crying. Crying, even when unintentional and unplanned, is a form of healing. The sadness that comes with crying also is healed in that moment of crying when you don't hold onto it. Even if you get so stressed out and feel like crying, allowing yourself to and letting yourself cry - and cry hard - can sometimes release that large amount of energy in a span of a couple moments and causing you to feel much more refreshed.

Crying is an act of physical and emotional detoxification.

When I have times I need to cry I let myself do it, and I usually make it come out hard. Sometimes it takes a second, but then the cry realizes it needed to be that hard in order to release whatever pain I was holding onto. A few moments later I am very refreshed, even though a little bit drained, and then I move on to do something happier in my life to replace that empty energetic gap with something more positive. Overtime I have more happier memories and energy than I do random sad ones, but I'm not completely without tears of course.

I found this link to be an interesting read and to go more in depth in what I was trying to explain from my own experiences.
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