Our thoughts on Jedi.

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Our thoughts on Jedi. was created by
I would like to compile the members of the Spiritual Humanism Rite's thoughts on \"Jedi\".

What do you think it means to be a Jedi, specifically, on this path.

What are your views on religion? Why did you come to this rite? (Are you another religion and this is just a non religious life path?, Are you deist or atheist and this is the only non-religion Jedi rite?, so on.)

Please, also, share your background.

My next post will contain my answers, don't worry too much about the format, just let it flow.

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Replied by on topic Re:Our thoughts on Jedi. ~ Soya's
I am an atheist.

I think.

This is my full \"beliefs\" that I posted some 10 months ago.

As I do not believe in a god, whether one or many, I'm not sure I can belong to a religion. Which is how I ended up here.

I think Jedi, whether as a religion, or a group of folks living a life style, is a good idea. As for a Jedi of this path. I think it is important to follow the same standards as every other Jedi, and to really watch how we word religious statements, and general actions.

As an atheist I have no worry about whether or not I'll end up in hell, or my god will strike me down, the only worry I have is how I feel, and that can lead to a very non-Jedi mind set. \"Well, if there aren't any consequences, why should I care if I hurt someone?\". I also don't watch how I speak as often as I should. For instance : If someone were to tell me that they believe in (xxx) because of (xxx) and the atheist mind set is incorrect/silly. I wouldn't mind. It's their opinion and I don't have strong ties to any sort of God. So sometimes I find myself telling others the same thing, \"You're God is silly, how could (xxx) happen?\", but they -do- have strong ties to their God, and find it offensive. So I feel we really need to watch that kind of stuff.

But, back to me!

My background is extremely varied.

Without too many details, My religious background is as follows.

My father's parents were a drunk, and a Mormon. The Mormon's parents weren't religious at all, until halfway through her life. She raised my father to be Mormon, and he was a good Mormon, until his grandmother had a 'near death' experience. She was pronounced dead, after a heart attack in the early '90s. They shut off all the machines then, after a moment or two of crying, she started breathing again. She explained what she saw and my entire family was shaken. My dad turned atheist. She died within the week during her sleep.

So, from him, and his family I received the Mormon teachings, the Christian Bible, and I learned that some people just don't believe in anything special.

I don't know much of my mothers family, a story for a later time, but her step fathers through the years were of so many varied religions, I don't think there's a one she didn't live through.

My mother taught me about Wicca, Buddhism, Taoism, what it means to be a Muslim, how a Hindu family lives, the shamanic ways of meditation and spirit animals, even took me to Spanish Catholic church for a few years, and so on.

and myself : with all of this religion available to me, I chose research. I researched the ancient Egyptian's, Greeks and Romans, the Norse, and anything else I could.

I made connections, formulated my own opinions, and even received rewards for some of the papers I wrote in middle school.

I ended up at the end. There is no possible way, that I can see, that any god being exists, unless she, he, it, them, left our earth, thousands of years ago.

So here I am. Either an Atheist, or a Deist, but completely a Jedi.

And as always, I apologize if you ever take offense to something I say. Please. PLEASE. Let me know. These are just my opinions, and whether or not they are fact no one will know until it's too late to tell.

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29 Apr 2010 04:00 #30094 by RyuJin
Replied by RyuJin on topic Re:Our thoughts on Jedi.
believe it or not your path mirrors the path of many of our members, and i'm certain it mirrors the path of members of other religions/philosophical lifestyles. one thing about jedi is it's pretty hard to offend one considering how open minded we are.

myself, i have studied various religious views as well and i am even ordained as a minister in spiritual humanism as well as being ordained here in totjo.

Warning: Spoiler!

Warning: Spoiler!

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