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30 Jun 2009 22:06 #23958 by soya
My \"Beliefs\" was created by soya
I believe that everything in the universe can be explained by science, and eventually will.

I believe that there is a force in which everything is connected, which has not yet been explained by science, but which in itself explains psychics and telepathics.

I do not believe that there is any ultimate power, guiding light, god, nor afterlife.

But I do believe that our consciousness somehow joins others in the life stream or force once we die, so as to convey a sort of illusion of the afterlife.

I also do not believe that under any circumstance will we ever be judged by anyone nor anything outside of the human race (and any other intelligent race we end up finding in space) for what we do while we are alive, therefor bringing the duty and responsibility of being respectable citizens, outstanding humans, and righteous Jedi upon ourselves.

At this point I cannot remember why I wanted to put this here, as it has been 2.75 hours since I started, but I welcome comments and questions and would like to ask of anyone weather or not they think I belong in the \"Spiritual Humanism Rite\" and I will be updating my list periodically.

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01 Jul 2009 04:58 #23972 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Replied by Kana Seiko Haruki on topic My \"Beliefs\"
Thanks for posting/sharing - you haven't necessarily posted it in the wrong place - but this is just as appropriate in your journal as well ;)

you might want to consider a copy n paste of this post in your journal for 'completeness' value - for your own records so to speak ;)

My thoughts on the 'final judgement' are essentially - we all judge ourselves - if a particularly 'thing' is playing badly on our consciences - we shouldn't have done it - im not into the fire n brimstone stuff - tbh - I think in a way we already live in hell during life.


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01 Jul 2009 06:07 #23976 by Onokoro
Replied by Onokoro on topic My \"Beliefs\"
Some interesting thoughts, Soya.

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