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17 Oct 2021 22:53 #363414 by unsoundscientist
Replied by unsoundscientist on topic Personal gods
In regards to personal Gods, I will begin by dreadfully over simplifying it. I believe, scientifically speaking, that if something created everything than it was the sun. So, I thank him for his gifts. He keeps us warm and brings us light, so that we may have vision. The earth gives me a home, so I thank her for that. She gives me friends, and food. I thank her for that.
Now, this is what I believe, everything from here on out I do for fun. Honestly, why would you believe it any other way. I don't like guilt, and I am perfectly capable of providing it for myself.
Now, you'll just have to forgive me for this, I like to give the essence I am speaking to an image. I usually am looking for guidance when working with deities. So, in a logical fashion, I speak to wisdom Gods the most. If you weren't aware tho, I'm Norwegian and prefer that aesthetic. Odin I see as an Old man's wisdom, coarse, emotionless, the perspective of a King. Freyja is lively "youthful" wisdom. She is the Earth Goddess, the Earth Mother. Both these Deities are wanderers.
Now Freyja, to me, is the Goddess of Adventure. She has been with me on many, albeit most by fantasy as I am often alone on these. Many of our interactions are far more likely just me working with my feminine side. As I already hold a man's opinion, I often prefer to hear a woman's. There have been times tho, where she has acted far outside the boundaries I have set in my mind. In a depressive episode I usually resent any concept of comfort.
There was one time, I was drunk and miserable (it's likely not a surprise to you). She often appears to me in green armor, but this time she strutted in stark naked. As provocative as possible, sat on my lap and whispered in my ear, "ooh tsk tsk. Is my little Raven brooding again." "Don't Mock me, Freyja." I snarled. "Oh I would never do that. I am sure it is all very troubling." "Why are you here, Witch?" I replied in almost a growl. "I just thought you would appreciate a woman's company, but it seems this is not the case. I guess I have no choice, but to grant you the prestigious honor of watching me walk away." "Catch you later, Gorgeous." I remarked. She smiled over her shoulder and responded, "Oh you don't have the Courage." As she began to fade out she shouted, "Oh and do try not to kill yourself while I'm gone. I've worked very hard on you, and the least you can do is respect my Gifts. Tata!"
I'm not sure, scientifically what to call that, but it worked.
I also, like a silly metaphor and I picture God as Crush from Finding Nemo. "Wizard man! --noggins-- life getting you down again?" "You gotta ride the current little bro." "Catch ya later wizard dude!" I like this more often these days. Just a flying surfer turtle coming in on some clutch wisdoms. It's silly, but God should be comforting right?

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19 Oct 2021 12:51 #363431 by BajiThunder4317
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I think that there is a lot to be said about emulating a particular god or goddess/archetype of energy. This sort of goes along with the topic of ritual and how certain cultures would reenact stories through dance and song. I think that there are concepts that we can really find appealing about certain gods and goddesses, that when we choose to emulate them it makes us so much more connected, as well as an overall probable better person. It does a lot for our psyche and helps bring out more positive aspects of ourselves.

Personally I follow Tyr and Thor, as I've made great connections to both of their archetypes in my life. Having been a soldier and deploying to Afghanistan, I really felt I needed that clear mind to know right from wrong, justice from injustice, and to be able to at all times be a warrior first for those around me. Not just a blood lusting warrior however, but one that is willing to do what is right and see past prejudice and blind hatred. Now since being home for quite some time, I utilize what Tyr stands for to help me continually stick to my oaths and be as honest and true as possible. Integrity is important after all.

Thor I've utilized every day, as he is the friend of man and the one who teaches great inner strength and gives us that gut check, to insure we have some serious intestinal fortitude when it comes to the hard stuff in life. I currently work in a prison, and so as a social worker there I like to emulate Thor to the best of my ability, as it gives me strength when things get tough, courage when things get scary, and helps me to throw my own hammer to crush the obstacles that are in my way for the day.

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20 Jun 2022 21:47 #368821 by KT
Replied by KT on topic Personal gods
I have an eclectic bunch.

Jupiter, Pluto and Venus are very important to me within my wheel.

Cegorach, and Sun Wu Kong are important to my inner Fool.

My toughest relationship is with Odin. I am very much like him and posses one his gifts (Ulf Gangr) however I find it hard to trust him.

Aod is an ancestral god.

Atum I have connected too once in dream.

The “Imago Dei” is an important concept within my Shamanic work but this represents a kind of humanistic cloud storage device for humanity lol.

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