When we are called to follow a faith.

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Since the age of seven years old, I have been called to follow my God. Over the course of 18 years I have searched from church to church searching for a priest, pastor, reverend or pastor to help me get on the path of ministry. For many years I couldn't understand why it didn't work...that was until my wife pointed something out that I just couldn't see. She told me this " God is in all things. His essence of who is is in nature, life, and human kind. You already believe and try your best to follow him; so in reality you are living a ministry...a ministry of life." Then it hit me! When I gave my heart and life to my God at seven years old, I had started a ministry in my own life. As I sit here now and reminisce on my past,I see my ministry in action and all those I helped over time. I remember in 2003 while I worked a youth drop in at our local YMCA., a young girl no older than 15, wanted to take her own life because her boyfriend "dumped me" as she put it. It took 3 hours to show her the importance of life and how precious it really is, but eventually it helped her to come to her senses.

Everyone has a ministry in their own life, and we don't need to dedicate ourselves to a Biblical university, now mind you there's nothing wrong with that; it just takes time to realize our own ministry. I am now 38 years old, and knowing full well my life ministry, the journey to better myself and help others on the way makes me happy. I hope someone else out there is happy knowing their ministry is or can make a difference in someone's life.

May the Force be with you all
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