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chakras and auras was created by RyuJin
thought i'd give a brief overview of the 7 chakra gates and corresponding aura layers. chakra is simply another word for ki,chi,force etc....
aura is the collection of energy sorrounding an individual.

well to get it started here are the chakra gates.

-the first chakra is also called the root or base and is located at the base of the spine.
it's associated with a connection to a tribal force and a sense of belonging in the world. symbolic of the physical world(earth and physical self) it is considered the source of self preservation and survival. its elemental association is earth

-the second chakra is also called the sexual chakra, but is also the seat of creativity it is located in the sacrum. its elemental association is water

-the third chakra is located in the solar plexus and is associated with personal power. its elemental association is fire

-the fourth chakra is also called the heart chakra and is associated with emotions. it's also associated with a gradual increasing of consciousness and unconditional love. its elemental association is air

-the fifth chakra is also called the throat chakra. it's associated with acts of communication, including ways of speaking the truth or finding creative ways for self expression as well as personal will. its elemental association is sound

-the sixth chakra is associated with higher levels of wisdom, a source of inner knowing, objective reflection of how things are, commitment to the truth and flexability of thought. it's located between the eyebrows and its elemental association is light

-the seventh chakra is associated with thought. it signifies our relationship to all things and the unity of everything. it also symbolizes self knowledge and spiritual consciousness. it's located at the crown of the head, but is connected to the entire muscular system, the skeletal system, the skin, and nervous system. it's associated with a more profound spiritual connectedness than the other six chakras. it's the seat of higher wisdom and the energy that comes from it. this chakra is thought to give access to the infinite intelligence that exists in the universe and is our key to opening the door to it. it allows for self expression on higher spiritual levels and is associated with the pineal gland(the gland that produces visions and dreams). its elemental association is the void.

now for auras
an aura is a multi-colored energy field that can be divided into 7 primary layers. each layer radiates a different color.

-the first layer or etheric layer is red. it's associated with the physical body.

-the second layer or emotional layer is orange. it provides you with the ability to use your feelings as your mental, physical, and spiritual guides.

-the third layer or mental layer is yellow. it allows you to engage in logical concrete thinking, and to be open minded.

-the fourth layer or intuitional layer is green. this layer provides the ability to engage in abstract thought, and insight.

-the fifth layer or atmic layer is blue. it allows you to be strong willed and charismatic.

-the sixth layer or monadic layer is violet. it provides a sense of peace and purity, allowing you to see your purpose clearly.

-the seventh layer or divine layer is white. it provides a love of life stemming from a connection to the universe.

by knowing which chakra gates and aura layers are your strongest and weakest you can take various actions to improve the weaker points to improve your overall spiritual strength.

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