The Jedi Way and Buddhism - Part 9

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28 May 2009 10:20 - 29 May 2009 17:00 #23235 by Garm
Right Thought

Right thought can also be translated as \"right intention \", \"right resolve\", \"right conception\" , \"right aspiration\" or \"the exertion of our own will to change\".
We should constantly aspire to rid ourselves of whatever qualities we know to be wrong and immoral. Correct understanding of right view will help us to discern the differences between right intention and wrong intention.

Qui-Gon tells young Anakin, “Always remember, your focus determines your reality.”

Thought is the forerunner of all action. What we think iniates what we do and what we say. The focus of our thoughts directs our deeds. If ones thoughts are kind and serene, right action will follow.

Obi-Wan refers to Jar Jar as a “pathetic life-form” because he continuall gets in the way of what Obi-wan thinks is the best way to do things. This is not right thought. Thinking of others as obstacles in our life creates division and conflict. Right thought does not exclude. It is inclusive – concern for the well being of all life forms.

We must ask ourselves, “Am I sure this is person is the way I think he/she is?

Am I attached to views and wrong preceptions that are making me narrow minded and unable to see the truth about this person?

Are my opinions rooted in fear and insecurity or prejudice and ignorance?

These are the types of questions that help us be mindful.
Attitude is all. While my ultimate goal is enlightenment, I can only attain it by disidentifing myself from concepts, conditions, and cravings.

No attachments so that enlightenment can happen of itself.
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