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Hello All,

I'd like to talk a little bit about expectation. To me the greatest source of disappointment is when we expect something to be a certain way or happen a certain way. We allow ourselves only to see that outcome, and as we know, life more often then not will not conform wholly to our vision. In learning to lose expectation we then do what is necessary to achieve our goal without ascribing any limitations or expecting it to be a certain way. This is not to say that you shouldn't have goals or a vision for the future, but the very act of expecting things to be a certain way will not only limit that vision, but will also lead to us not seeing all the things around us that are already happening to our benefit.

In relation to expectation and goals, and the relationship between expectation and effort, learning to let go can be of great assistance. No big effort is needed to attain our goals. Only small effort, and the smaller the better. And if you work effortlessly it is better still. The more you try, the harder it is to attain. Your very effort, your tension, your occupiedness, your longing, your expectation, becomes the barrier. But with a very small effort, an effortless effort as they call it in Zen-doing as if not doing-all is possible. The more you are mad after it, the less it is possible.

Remember Yoda. \"Do or do not, there is no try\" Think about that for a moment. When we try we give ourselves the possibility of failure. Even though we think positive, we still have belief that it can fail, or else why try when you can just do. If you are going to DO something, then do it. If you fall, get back up. Do not stop because it is already done. You already have it. If you wish to become something, first unlearn, then see clearly in your mind that which you wish to become, then do. Never let the doubt enter your mind. there is no try, only do. If we can learn to unlearn our minds, let go of all expectations, and just DO, just BECOME, then our possibilities are endless.

The perception of effort is directly tied to the amount of effort we have pre-ascribed to a given action or goal. The amount of effort we EXPECT to exert. If we say to ourselves \"This will require great effort\" Then it will. But if we say to ourselves the opposite then little to know effort is needed. It's in expecting the effort that the effort is required. Keep in mind that by the very nature of the universe something is bound to happen. So whether you believe a task to be effortful or effortless is more of a mental attitude.

Let's look at it like this. A man walks up through a hallway and sees three doors in front of him. He hopes feverently that the left door will open. He focuses his mind on it and plans his steps setting him through the left door. While he's focused only on the left door, the middle and right door open and close and the left door never opens. Because we are observing with no emotional bias we can see that while the left door may not have opened, two others did. It's the emotional investment the man had in his expectations that did not allow him to see what was right before his eyes. His expectation did not allow him to see other paths, only the one he had already set his mind on. This is why in Jediism we are taught to not be attached to any one thing, thought, emotion, or course of action. If change is the nature of the universe then our paths must be allowed to change with it.

Yours in the mystery,

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07 Mar 2008 21:48 - 07 Mar 2008 21:51 #12159 by Jon
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It is commonly believed that faith is the promise of some kind of outcome. “I have faith that everything is going to turn out all right”. This could mean that we have faith that things will turn out the way we expect them to. In other words, if you have enough belief you will certainly get relief.

Consider, however, the Christ`s lilies of the field. The lilies are not concerned with expectations, belief systems or outcomes. They are what they are. Faith is not the expectation of anything different.

Faith is seeing the beauty of the here and now. If we see it now, we will know what to look for later.

Faith is not about dogmatics but about vision. I have faith in the future not because of what I believe about the future but because of what I can see now. To be able to see the beauty of the moment is what nurtures faith. If we see it here and now we know we will also see it later.

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