The Importance of the Sword. The Sikh way and the Jedi way, a comparison.

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28 Dec 2017 14:44 #310058 by Nihang_Gavin_Singh
The Importance of the Sword.
The Sikh way and the Jedi way- a comparison.

The more I observe the Jedi Path, learn about it and delve deeper into its theology, doctrine and practise, the similarities are endless; between that of my own path..... Sikhi (Sikhism).

One of the most important parallels to draw is the importance of the sword. In the Sikh way, the sword is not a dark or oppressive "tool", although by the ignorant it can be both viewed and used as such. Through its intercession, one has the ability to restore peace and righteousness, bringing back a balance to the world and plain around you. Yet equally, as the sword may be held in one's hand, so should the rosary (meditation beads).
This simple metaphor although easily overlookable is the very essence of what minds these 2 traditions together.

Emotion, yet Peace. (There is no Emotion, there is Peace.)
Ignorance, yet Knowledge. (There is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge.)
Passion, yet Serenity. (There is no Passion, there is Serenity.)
Chaos, yet Harmony. (There is no Chaos, there is Harmony.)
Death, yet the Force. (There is no Death, there is the Force.)

how can this be called just? why is picking up the sword a good thing?
one may argue on the point that...
The Force like the Atmā (Soul/Lifeforce) cannot be destroyed. In this essence one cannot kill or be killed, neither can one harm or be harmed. because the force (Atmā) is the essence of all things.

In the Sikh tradition, the idea is that one does not fight oppression in aggression but rather in defence. likewise "one only raises the sword when all methods of peace have failed"- Guru Gobind Singh {10th Sikh Guru}

Realising this, the sword as stated before becomes the symbol of justice and upholding that justice for the freedom of that which is good, and right to prevail. Often there is struggle which manifests in a dark fashion, which must be countered and resisted to allow what is good to live.
yet often in that struggle that which is good can loose its way and forget itself, focused too much on the physical embodiment of the sword.
The rosary (Prayer beads) remind one to reflect upon the spiritual aspect of the sword... meditation.. which works in the same fashion.

again we have allot in common.

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