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27 Feb 2008 16:18 - 27 Feb 2008 16:47 #11804 by Jon
I would like to thank Bishop Merin Kyo Den for accepting the post of Auxiliary to the Buddhist Rite. His wisdom, imput and knowledge of both Jediism and Buddhism will be of great benefit to everone here as well as the standing of our Buddhist Rite. Thank you Brother. MTFBWY

Father Jon, Cardinal Bishop of the Order

The author of the TOTJO simple and solemn oath, the liturgy book, holy days, the FAQ and the Canon Law. Ordinant of GM Mark and Master Jestor.
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27 Feb 2008 22:50 #11808 by
Thank you John, it's my honor. And I'd also like to offer my service, such as it is, to anyone in need here on the forums and in this rite. May the living force be with you all.


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