Buddha and the Cat

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I don't think Buddha would of minded. It was to be expected really. Cat's got to eat. That's life, Buddha understood that.

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OB1Shinobi wrote:

Alethea Thompson wrote:

get medicine for Buddha.

the cat did not repent, nor mourn the Buddha's death

he and the mamushi were the only two that did not

As a result, the cat was held to be a cursed creature.

As a Jedi- what do you see in this story?

that cats and serpents are smarter than buddhists :-)

i want to elaborate on this answer

first i dont think the buddha gave a purple hoot for any medicine

that was something the followers did and its understandable but what does non attatchment and acceptance and objectivity and no mind and empty cups and satori and wu wei and za zen and ect and ect and ect mean if not to be fully in and flow harmoniously with the now.

(i think wu wei may only be taoist but i dont remember, my apologies if i misplaced my enlightened masters)

not that this means one should doesnt fight for life, i wont be drawn into a semantic battle of which side of a hair we focus on

the point is when do the patients prescribe medicine to the doctor?

it was probably the buddhas own cat that ate the mouse

or even the buddha himself disguised as a cat and laughing his tail off at the looks on the faces of his disciples when he did it!

i cant help but laugh myself when i think of it

and why are disciples so dense anyway?
how many miracles does someone have to perform before you just belive what they tell you?

im pretty sure if i saw someone walk on water and turn water into an empty cup of wine that rose from the dead i would take their word for it when they tell me there is no spoon

also whichever representational meaning we want to ascribe to cats and snakes i think we can agree they were only at the funeral because they were hoping to find more mice

and ive never met a cat that could care less about this alleged curse its under

i told my girlfriends cat about it and he laughed at me.
then he pounced on my head and darted off into the kitchen

so this is why i said cats and serpents are smarter than buddhists

i realised that was a lazy answer so i hope this is better
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