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Hallo everybody,

I've been away for a while. Wise on my part I think because my mental health was suffering due to having so very many activities and then trying to keep up with TOTJO, as well. What with it's very divers range of users I had a problem keeping up ;). There wasn't really any real wrong doing, it's just that I was so very sensitive to banter due to being a practicing healer and strict vegetarian that I picked up on things that I probably shouldn't. Let's just say that the huge number of users on here are incredibly "Diverse" ;)

Anyways, I have a question that could probably be best answered by a Reiki master and someone who also has skills and knowledge of fiction writing. My question is this:

What would George Lucas's take on Reiki be. The reason that I feel that this would be a valid question is because George Lucas and chums don't seem to be too ridged when it comes to other types of force ( the only word play I can find here is that I'm typing this; for you connectionists :). ) Please not the reference to the white current that in the extended universe fiction of George Lucas's stories can be found in a novel called "Dark Nest 1" by Troy Denning. I# mean this not to add any inherent reality to some fiction that I am obsessed about, it is simply because the Star Wars Pantheon simply is; at least to me; the best and only way anyone has expressed the truth of life force and it's semi-human experience in the modern age.

It would be interesting to see Reiki Fictionalized; and where George Lucas or one of the extended universe genius's would place Reiki in the modern and futuristic field within the very vast and detailed parameters of the Star Wars universe.

I know that one of the translations of Reiki is: Universal Life force energy. This seems rather too similar to George Lucas's unifying Force, that I found in his Jedi Handbook (there is a Sith handbook as well for all of you Evil lovers, lol)

But Reiki is considered more of a healing energy than one that would help a Jedi (Or Reiki person, for that matter) discern the pattern and will of the universe. Reiki, if fictionalized in such a system of language would more aptly fit into the categorization of the Living Force. One that Jedi Healers use for healing and pain relief within the field of combat. And although it would be unlikely to be readily able to join the British or American army on the merits of having been attuned to Reiki, it cannot be argued that such skills and propensities are without merit in a combat situation.

So the appropriate question is this: Is the word Reiki simply difficult to transcribe in a similar way to the fact that George Lucas's system of split and passive suffixes should not be overanalysed. If this is the case then the Japanese term "Reiki" could be translated as: "Unifying and living force" or to add my own Karate scholarly studies: "The spirit of self estem"

Both of which translations I find better than the mechanical and overly Romanised, simplified, self-cross-referencing, and down right WRONG translation of "Universal Life force energy!" :angry:

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Firstly, the Lucas universe has no need of it after the discovery of the concoction later known as bacta, and I'm relatively certain bacta use stretches back pretty far in the in-universe chronology.

Secondly, the subject is dealt with pretty well in research on Jedi healers , though they use crystals to enhance their abilities.

The very concept behind reiki, as I understand it in my limited sense, is the same as the concept of the Living Force for the purposes of this discussion, so it's not like it needs a special treatment, really.

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9 years 4 months ago #146067 by Alethea Thompson
Honestly, if we're going to ask "What would Lucas Do", we're giving the man far too much credit....

I don't care what Lucas' opinion is. He isn't an active part of this community, he doesn't want to be either- otherwise he would have gotten involved or done something with us a long time ago.

As for translating it into one of the three subsections of "the Force", I don't see a need to put it into any particular category. But I'm also not fond of dividing "the Force" into categories. To me, it just complicates the description. But that's just me. If you use Reiki, it's a method of using "the Force", why should it become anything more complex when explaining the process?
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