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Hi my name is Verwood. I am from Utah in the United States. While searching for a more Zen way of life I stumbled across The Order. After reading into it more I have decided I would like to start the journey to becoming a Jedi. It seams like a great way to live and to calm ones self. I am almost 30 now and have been searching for something like this for a long time. I look forward to meeting everyone.:)

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Replied by Jestor on topic Re:Hello
HI Verwood, I have seen your name in the area for \"who is here\"... I was hoping you would introduce yourself at some point...

It sems people who lurk a bit, and read, get to know a few people, usually stay for a while...

I hope you are one of them!!.. lol...

So, Welcome to the TOTJO..

As I am sure you have already seen, there is much to read, and quite a bit to listen to...

I also see you have started a journal, but, I have not looked in it so that tells me, you have probably read the Initiate's Program, in case ou have not, it is that like that says training in the left column, about 2/3's of the way down called, ==Training==...

I also like to tell folks to read the FAQ, located up top of just about every page... I say \"just about\" cause I have never checked to see if it is on top of every page, but I would bet it is...

So look around, see what you see... If you get stuck, please make sure to ask any questions that pop into your noggin... Try the Chat for meeting people and rather lengthy run of questions... The Shout It box is ok for public questions as well, but character space is limited...

And, the Private Message (PM) system is great for a more one on one, private type question.. All of us Masters, and Knights welcome anything you may want to know, please feel free to PM us, our in boxes are always open....:)

Good luck on this leg of your life's journey.....

On walk-about...

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Welcome, Verwood. It is good to see a new face here. I wish you great luck on your journey in Jediism.

May the Force be with you always,
Somja Ri'Nor

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