I am confused here been here for 1 year

04 Sep 2023 19:51 #374101 by DELETED
All my stuff I posted over the years got removed due new updated web page what going on here

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18 Sep 2023 07:18 #374218 by Wraith
What happened to Demonchild88? now her profile is reading DELETED like above but i dont see any ban post like i saw for whitehorse?

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18 Sep 2023 07:24 #374219 by Cornilion Seadragon
Since banned profiles still usually stick around and just say banned on them, I'm guessing she decided to delete her account of her own accord.

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18 Sep 2023 14:53 #374220 by Rex
Demonchild was banned for a variety of reasons. Their profile name was changed to Deleted, but their rank is set to banned.

Demonchild spent time here without training, rather participating in disruptive behavior which escalated to harassing officers. There was no ban announcement because those are reserved for people with significant presence at TotJO.

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18 Sep 2023 23:51 - 19 Sep 2023 18:39 #374223 by Zero
My suggestion is that instead of worrying about what’s going on with whose account, you all focus on your own training. Doubly so if your rank is guest. That said, Rex is correct, i don’t normally write announcements when banning a guest. Especially one who has not completed any training, not contributed to any topics and never even filled out a membership application. If I did, the forum would be filled with announcements. I never act without cause. The rest of the Council is always informed and provided with screenshots when any rules are broken, and those screenshots are permanently saved in the security section of the forum. Don’t worry guys, the security team and council are all over it.

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