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31 Dec 2021 19:22 - 31 Dec 2021 19:26 #365029 by
Username Change! was created by
OOPS! Sorry! Sorry! Disregard this post. Wrong account was signed in. Apologies
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31 Dec 2021 19:25 - 01 Jan 2022 18:38 #365030 by Lykeios Little Raven
My apologies. I did NOT know that that account was still signed in on this device. Honest mistake!

Anyway, Now that I am on my own actual account. I wasn’t sure who is handling username changes. I’d like to have mine changed to “Lykeios Little Raven” if that’s possible?


And again, sorry for the account mix-up, that was not the acct I thought was logged in on this device!

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