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23 Nov 2017 19:07 - 23 Nov 2017 19:10 #306709 by MadHatter
One should start the process of becoming a Novice and Initiate before considering something like "mastery". At this Temple how you define your Jedi path is up to you but there are no factions of Jedi here. Just Jedi so there is no need for starting any grey Jedi faction. Never mind that to start a Grey Jedi study group or training program you would need to be a Knight and get Council approval. Finally, your last post in the Temple wish list area was out of place even if you wanted to discuss such a thing. The wish list area is for requests of members to add features to the Temple website such as new forums or the like.

To answer your questions you can post your journal in the journal area and the IP can be found here:

Anyone can start the training program at any time no membership required. It is even mentioned in the FAQ along with many other helpful bits of information here:

Full FAQ:

Knight of the Order
Training Master: Jestor
Apprentices: Lama Su, Leah
Just a pop culture Jedi doing what I can
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