Marriage and your Ministry?

27 Jun 2016 11:22 #246635 by user15542
I've never presided over one, but if I were to I'd certainly ask some questions to ensure the level of commitment had been considered. Life has shown me the same things Steamboat is suggesting, and I'd want to ensure people had given adequate consideration to the sincerity of their commitment.
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27 Jun 2016 12:14 #246642 by MadHatter

Edan wrote: I didn't even meet the woman that married me and my husband, and if she'd asked those questions I would have told her it wasn't her business. It's not up to you who marries who or why. You're right not to marry them, but it really isn't your business.

I will have to respectfully disagree. If someone seeks me out to marry them ( because its not like I will advertise it as a business or anything) then they have made the whole thing my business. I have had to deal with the pain and mess of a divorce and would like to avoid setting up someone for that same pain. While they can choose to get married by the state no questions asked that is not what they decided to do.

They decided to ask me and I would prefer it that I am comfortable with the situation prior to my name being bound to the ceremony and paperwork as the officiant. They are free to decline my questions and I will wish them the best but would not marry anyone unwilling to take a few minutes to answer some simple questions.

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