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01 Dec 2015 19:59 #211309 by Jamie Stick
An Apology was created by Jamie Stick
It is with heavy heart that I acknowledge that I have not handled my problems the way I was supposed to. I publicly called out Ros about two sermons that were overlooked in the sermon schedule. Though in my mind I believed I was doing the Temple a service by pointing this out for everyone to see, it has been made clear that there were many steps I could have taken before a public shaming was called for. That was an error in judgment on my part. Unfortunately my error in judgment has effected more than myself, but the clergy, the Synod, and Ros.

I am also aware that my comments regarding the Synod might have been construed as public criticism and while my intention was not to do so, the outcome still bears a striking resemblance to the same harmful behavior I conducted towards Ros.

This apology is primarily for Ros, but also the rest of the clergy for not upholding a certain standard for how problems are handled, and to the Synod who I've embarrassed with my actions as a member of the clergy. If there is anything I can do to make this right, feel free to offer suggestions here or in my PM inbox.

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02 Dec 2015 02:43 #211403 by Rickie
Replied by Rickie on topic An Apology
You're a good person!

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02 Dec 2015 07:04 #211432 by ren
Replied by ren on topic An Apology
Then again when you keep those things behind closed doors like myself and others have in the past, and for worse things than a couple of missed sermons, things got turned against us so... "behind closed doors" isn't that great an idea either. People with a psychology background will probably say keeping it inside is a bad idea too. You could just walk away from the issue as well.... Except that will only help you, not actually sort anything out.

Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.
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02 Dec 2015 09:32 #211436 by MrBruno
Replied by MrBruno on topic An Apology
his sort of thing happens. This is the result of many chain actions, successive misunderstandings; I believe the word "misunderstanding" sums up this episode. I will not say here how we could have avoided all this or what should be done now; I will say is in theory what I feel and I know many might have said the same, and in their hearts feel the same.
Jamie, you are a part of this family, like all of us, like me, like Ros, Alex, Edan, Jestor, the clergy, the Synod; all together form more than a temple, formed a "body", formed a "whole", we are the flame that burns and warms us, we are the wave clashing on the beaches, we are a manifestation of Force in this existence, but we are all only together and not separated.
Does the left hand can be upset with the right hand? He or she can say "I do not want to be one."? Or even could every part of this body to break down and have a full life without each other? No, that's not possible. Love is the basis of all things, is the raw material of life.
I think I speak for everyone when I say Jamie, we LOVE you and that this episode serves as a learning experience for all of us. We are the family of the temple of the Jedi order, be it family means no one gets left behind, no one will be abandoned; we all make mistakes, but these mistakes teach us to be wiser in the future. That is all

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02 Dec 2015 13:26 #211471 by Rick D
Replied by Rick D on topic An Apology

Jamie Stick wrote: If there is anything I can do to make this right, feel free to offer suggestions here or in my PM inbox.

You just did it! Total Jedi move!

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