How We Can Believe. Read all the Way Thru.

11 Sep 2009 20:21 #25736 by Zanthan Storm
Ok. So not spoken of much, but here is the deal.

Christianity is based on some pretty simple principles:

1. Humility or faith and trust in God

2. Communication with God through prayer and self-denial

3. Observance of The Law which is written in Scripture and in the hearts of those who love the truth

4. Love of thy fellow man (woman)

Christians follow the principles of morality expressed by Jesus' command to love God and neighbor, and rely on the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount for basic guidance.

The world was in a great deal of upheaval when a little known son of a carpenter started preaching about \"one true god\", \"Service to thier fellow Man\", Peace and love. It took great hold and grew and grew until it became one of the most practiced religions in the world. So somple a concept; yet so powerful a force.

So how can a Jedi Be Christian when it is said, \"You shall worship no other gods before me?\"

Were not worshipping anything. If we did, it would be life itself which is, in essence, God.

All our teachings, our practices, including meditation serve the purpose of God. Even accepting others. Some Christians think that hating those who do not practice Christianity is what should be done. However, We should love our fellow man.

Now Jediism. The Basis of which is to its own religion, but has the ability to unite all religions. Since Jediism can be practiced alone, or in conjunction of with another; Jediism can become a common link.

We search to find they best in ourselves and others, we wish to serve life, freedom and peace. We are healers, scholors, arbiters, polititians, soliders, scouts, men, women, christians, musliums, buddists, taoists, pagans, masons and all others. We can be Jedi. We can work together.

It falls on whoever reads about Jediism. To search out the facts and if it appeals to them. Some think we are a joke, a role playing game. Some think we are a cult. Some think that we are the devil for not following the word of God.

It is thier choice and thier's alone. I see the Force as God's will. It has called to me since childhood. However, that is my personal view.

What is yours?
How does Jediism work for you? Does it not?

I challenge all of you; regardless of right, rank and stature. We often reflect on our selves; How we can better ourselves.

How do we believe? We follow Jediism, but belief is a point of view.

Zanthan Storm
AKA Rev. Michael Ziskovsky OCP D.Div.

Master Knight of Jediism
Founder of Roseville, MN Chapter of TOTJO

Current Apprentice: The Coyote
Past Master: GM Neaj Pa Bol
Past Apprentices: Sr. Knight Kira, Knight Myos, Doriann

"Let no one thing control your life, seek to be complete and at peace."

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12 Sep 2009 03:01 #25741 by Alethea Thompson
The two reconcile within themselves. The only real obstacle a Christian has to get around to be a Christian Jedi, is \"the Force\". In which case, the following link gives a pretty accurate account of \"The Force\" throughout a variety of different cultures (to include Christianity):

(Before anyone says something about the sidebar on this link saying you need to go through the owners-I have permission to post it here from the individual that lead the class)

Gather at the River,
Setanaoko Oceana

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