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OK - this isnt my territory - but here is an idea for thse who like the idea -

How about Patron Saint(s) of Jediism?

Or perhaps (optional to individuals) personal patron saints ?

My choice would be either Saint George or Saint Padre Pio

anyway - just thoughts


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19 Jan 2009 10:47 #21516 by Jon
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I think that`s a great idea. What are Saints other than heroes? Heroes which accompany and inspire the individual and community as a whole? Each such hero, at least in our RC counterpart is also assigned a special day. Before they are taken up they have to fulfill set requirements. They don`t even have to have really existed (as in the case of St.Christopher for example). If there is more interest shown in this and maybe a few suggestions, we could take this up in the Clergy Handbook.

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