Anybody with Quaker Heritage?

27 Apr 2023 18:33 - 27 Apr 2023 18:39 #372347 by Kwitshadie
Hey everybody,

Anybody in the Temple close to the Quakers; practicing and/or heritage?

I was wondering if there is a way to reconnect with my Quaker heritage and how to connect it with the Force.

Back story: I was raised Catholic via my mom but my Biological Dad side has predominately Colonial American Quaker with German, Polish and Colonial Virginian minority; although he left the Quaker faith before I was born despite Grandpa Wayne and Great Grandpa Theodore being ministers at the Quaker/Methodist duel church.

My mom is half Irish/French Canadian Catholic and Anglican Londoner.
I never seen my Biological Dad since I was 2; due to a violent divorce; I connect deeply with Luke Skywalker in this regard. But I’ve chatted with my Quaker 2nd cousins from afar in Oklahoma via DNA testing.

With how crazy politics has been getting, I’m hoping to get back to the basics philosophically.

Thanks so much in advanced.

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29 Apr 2023 13:10 #372367 by River
Replied by River on topic Anybody with Quaker Heritage?
I don't personally have a tie to Quakers, but one of my apprentice lessons was about Quaker Witnessing. I'm obviously far from expert but from what I learned then I don't see any conflicts.
One of the great things about Jediism, imo, is that it allows for a lot of personal understanding rather than just being told ehat to believe. A Quaker way of understanding the Force seems very doable to me.
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29 Apr 2023 16:03 #372369 by Loudzoo
The best way to reconnect would be to go to your local meeting (they are notoriously extremely welcoming!) and read some books to refresh your understanding: see here for some ideas and you should be able to find some online at the internet archive (

As for a connection with The Force, I believe there is huge compatibility. See here a reworking of The Quakers' Advices and Queries - for the comfort and discomfort of The Jedi:

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