Is There One Right and another Wrong? Christianity, the Red-headed Step-child...

04 Aug 2019 00:27 #340882 by Uzima Moto
There is only one way, at-one-ment.. I've always thought "Jesus" was speaking on what he embodied. Not necessarily him personally. I don't think he meant for folks to worship him. He might've just meant for folks to follow his example..

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04 Aug 2019 19:32 - 04 Aug 2019 19:38 #340896 by Rex
In all seriousness, what is Christianity if not the belief in the unique saving power of Jesus?

I could get unitarian universalists and jedi as being christian-inspired, but to go back to the OP I think Christianity is necessarily exclusive. Not to say Christianity is unique in that way, Islam has the Shahada and Judaism the Shema. Hinduism doesn't have a unified creed because it's such a wide variety of beliefs, and Buddhism is more practice-based than dogma-based.

Religion as a whole is meant to explain the things that can't/aren't explainable to everyone, but ultimately it's a sort of search for the truth. Adhering to any certain religion doesn't prevent you from acknowledging the contributions and truths found by other people (including Yoda) and practices to a certain extent; however, you can't call yourself a Muslim just because you really like the prayers and giving pillars when you ignore the other three (and everything else that those pillars are based upon).

I doubt that most people 100% agrees with whatever beliefs are expressed by their religious institution, but faith revisionism of key components seems like self-dishonesty.

On a separate note, I think Christianity is the sort of religious benchmark and most-scrutinized religion because it is the historical religion of Europe and colonialism. The destructive internal schisms of Christianity imo catalyzed the development of pluralism we see today in developed nations.

Also if we could personify what we most hate about Christianity, I'd bet that we all conjured up a caricatured hick telling us that we're going to hell because we didn't support the invasion of Iraq or we have a friend who's gay. It's that Joel Osteen-ish televangelist who gets rich through exploitation. Imo that doesn't represent the core values of Christianity comparably to how Salafists don't represent Islam

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