Pope Francis Discusses Gay Catholics: 'Who Am I To Judge?'

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10 years 8 months ago #114369 by Jestor

I almost didnt post my response,and actually sent it to another Council Memebr to make sure I wasnt coming off too strong... I worry my rebuttals sometimes sound too serious, and this environment does not do my sense of humor justice...

I got a ton of goofy facial expressions noone here can see... And if you could see what I am starting with, you'd see I have quite the head start to begin with!! haha...

Anyway, I see what you mean, I appreciate your explanation...

Yes, It does have to be looked at, at face value... Dont read anything into what he says...

Thats the trouble many times, people read into stuff, how they feel stuff should be read...

If Im crabby, (hey, it happens!), sometimes I catch the nasty voice reading the posts of others... And I have to reread to make make sure Im not just projecting my crappy-ness onto the words of others...

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10 years 8 months ago #114438 by ren

Yea, we were taught to judge... You confuse Christians, with Catholics... while Catholics are Christians, they are not a tolerant, understanding, loving, branch of Christianity...

I come from a (formerly?) catholic country. Back then I thought catholics were OK. I mean of the entire population there's, what, 10% that goes to church? and of those, 80% are harmless, 20% believe in god, of which half are the gay hating kind...

I live in england and "know" the US fairly well (mostly from you guys and the news), and those two non-catholic countries have God in their state schools. Next to that I went to one of the top catholic (private) schools in my country, and they couldn't dispense religious education because they were partially funded by the government. Spain and Portugal recognize full-blown gay marriage as well, and they're catholic...

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