Is the Bible the Literal Word of God?

10 years 5 months ago #104587 by Zanthan Storm
Gotta say... Kudos super kudos.

Ok... Here is the quick and dirty in my point of view.

Bible = book
Books, especially religious books, are full of stories. From time immemorial stories passed down history, ethics, morals and teachings. Which one is easier to hear and will be remembered, especially for a child? don't kill people, or jane killed jenny and was struck down by a spiteful god.

We love to be entertained, so of course throughout history people have used entertaining stories of the time to teach.

God write the bible... no... Perhaps inspired its creation.

Using stories, imagine writing the bible today. What stories would be in it? What teachings would we imbed?

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10 years 4 months ago #107031 by
again, as I have stated in my own biblical thread, the Bible is a dusty old abstract Tome, potentially beautiful and lifechanging, but hardly literally true, in the west with the KJV and NIV atrocities to the translations ( here's to Augustine *raises glass*, oh and Calvin ( who gave his best friend an excruciating death of living incineration)) we can't really say much on the Bible, St Ignatius of Antioch has been metaphorically crucified ( get it?) by protestants for saying the NT is better than OT because the NT has the gospel, life of Christ and his teachings, the core of Christianity.

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10 years 4 months ago #107075 by
Even though in the early years of my life i was raised a Christian, i could never take the Bible seriously. In my mind there were some good lessons yes but a lot of what i heard stood out as being no different from the fairy tales my mum and dad told me when i was small. Noahs ark for example or Moses parting the Red Sea..

One must bare in mind that while the Bible is in places trying to give a moral lesson (perhaps not in the most straightforward way) large tracts of it, the Old Testament in particular was written at a time when people still believed the Sun was a man in a chariot flying across the sky or thunder was an expression of the gods anger. Much of it was mans early attempts to explain and educate people on how the world and nature worked and even came into being when infact they had no proof. Indeed, even today, we still largely lack a lot of proof for much of this. While there are SOME lessons to be learned, much of it is pure myth. I cannot treat the story of Genesis any more seriously than the story of the Norse creation myth, how the first gods came out of a giants armpit.

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5 years 9 months ago #307944 by
The Bible as a whole? No. However, it does contain the Word of God. The Word of God is both a what and a who.
Psalms 119 tells us what
John 1:1 tells us who.

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