IP Team: Calling for Volunteers (Initiates and Apprentices)

05 Jul 2016 04:08 #247311 by Kit
Initiates and Apprentices, I'm looking for a few individuals to join a new team that my Apprentice Gwinn has inspired.

The goal of the IP Team will be to provide assistance and act as a cheer-leading squad for Novices going through the Initiate Programme. We'll be reading journals, PMing the folks going through the IP with help or encouragement (or both!), act as a good point of contact for anyone with questions on it, and hopefully keep people motivated.

I'm hoping to get enough people on the team to not cause a huge draw on any one person's time but still give every Novice some attention.

Apprentices, please talk with your master about your training goals and be sure you have the time to contribute to both.

Please PM me if you would like to join!
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