Day of Harmony: Day of Service September 21, 2017

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Today i start my work for a voluntairy organisation as a follow up contact person for people who adopt stray kittens , this organisation is working with 5 volunteers in that office and its way too busy , so i applied for the work and i got it :love: This is the kind of voluntary work where i combine my love for strays and can be of service , win- win lol
Also tomorrow night i am doing my monthly barshift at the youthcentre's gamenight , its a board game night and they are playing Dungeuns and Dragons , never played that so i am very curious , so if they dont order drinks all the time maybe i can have a peek hehe
The fitness buddy project is going slow , the people that we are trying to get to the gym all back out =D , but i am not one to give up !! So i will be there waiting , and when they are ready to get to the gym , i will be there to accompagny them :woot:

Happy Harmony day to you all , may it be glorious and be of service and may you do it out of love <3

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6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #301952 by Rosalyn J
Greetings everyone,
Yesterday I spent an hour picking up trash, but I wasn't able to do it in El Cajon. There was so much commute time on my way to work and on my way home that I didn't have any space. But I did it in my neighborhood. Actually I ended up having to do it outside of the resident gate in my apartment. There are a considerable amount of cigarette butts on the sidewalk right outside my apartment. The funny thing is there's an ashtray right there. Literally 2 feet away. Ever since I picked up trash on a weekend with San Diego Parks and Rec, I've been really attentive too cigarette butts as litter. Those items go into are streets and are washed into our water ways and they destroy our wildlife and environment.
So though I didn't end up with a full bag as I was hoping, I like to think I did some good in my community.
As I was picking up the cigarette butts another gentleman named Kellen was smoking and we talked for a bit about the environment and about the propensity of people to litter. What I noticed is that he also begin to pick up cigarette butts and place them in my trash can. Talk about " where there is Darkness, light".

Edit: Harmony day is today...oops :D

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I just finished writing my letter, with a decent paragraph on how inspiring I find my friend's volunteer work, and how she keeps going through thick and thin. I also got a chance to be charitable, giving a guy a 2 Euro piece as he was short for his train ticket at the station :) I'll donate my day travel card when I'm done with it too.

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6 years 8 months ago #301961 by Kobos
Today starts Art club and my sponsorship of it. I am super excited, passionate and impulsive about making this awesome for the students; (this is all volunteer on my side and the school gave me a 0$ budget. I went out and bought 45 sketch books, 45 basic pencil sets and some awesome erasers. So now we see where this goes! I also am getting them to start an Art for Recovery project but we have to brainstorm and discuss that as we start tonight!!!!!!!!!! wooooo whooooo! and Good job everyone on getting out and doing something for the community.

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