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25 Apr 2016 22:07 #239190 by elizabeth
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okay this may not be the place for this but hey...

This is a THANK YOU
for the clergy as a whole and especially for well you know who you are :)
These past few months have been a nightmare and while the situation is ongoing, I felt I needed to express my thanks to members of the clergy who have given me encouragement, listened without judging, let me ramble and boy can I ramble.
And have just been there, got in touch when I haven't been around and just made me feel that you gave a crap.
Cabur, I know you hate being singled out, but you have done more to change how I view the role of the clergy than anyone else and you have given me hope in the darkest times.
Jestor, Br John, you are and have been sanity in the craziness.
And to the clergy as a whole, while I thanked you through Alex, I want you to know you helped me through this difficult time with your thoughts..

I don't praise people here enough, I moan a lot but sometimes I think you should know how much your words can make a difference.
So thank you
thank you for being so thoughtful and understanding and genuine and honest.
I appreciate what you have done.

I own my life

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25 Apr 2016 23:24 #239199 by robdegrey
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Good for you for taking the time to express gratitude. It reflects as well on you as it does on those you are thanking. This is just the kind of thing I like to see around here and I suspect it's in line with the intended purpose of the Temple.
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26 Apr 2016 07:16 #239244 by User22414
Replied by User22414 on topic Thank you
I second this , a lot of hard work is being done by the clergy , thank you indeed :)


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