Clerical Training updated

05 May 2013 18:36 #105784 by Mark Anjuu
After a lengthy series of discussions and work, I am pleased to announce that the Clerical Training Programme has been updated for 2013.

Clerical Training is available to any member that holds the rank of Initiate or above. If you are a Novice and have completed the Initiate's Programme, you will need to have your journal checked (contact Master Jestor for this) and be upgraded to Initiate before applying to the Seminary. If you are an Apprentice, you should discuss your intentions with your training master before applying.

All work is overseen by V-Tog and myself. Successful completion of Clerical Training to our satisfaction will and subsequent approval by the Council will award the following:
- those of rank Initiate or Apprentice will be awarded the title of Licensed Minister.
- those of rank Knight and above will also be considered for Ordination as a Deacon.

In the migration to the new look site, it is possible that messages have been overlook so we apologise for this oversight. If you have previously applied for the Seminary but were waiting for the update to be completed, please send V-Tog or myself (Mark Anjuu) a message reminding us.

If you are interested in applying for the Seminary, please contact V-Tog or myself (Mark Anjuu) and we will verify your rank before admitting you for Clerical Training.

If you began the Clerical Training before the update, please see the post in the Seminary that details the extra work you will need to complete.

Rev. Mark Barwell OCP
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  • Vice President, Bishop and Councillor of TOTJO
  • Arch-Bishop of the U.K.
  • GrandMaster Knight of Jediism
  • Paganism Special Interest Advisor
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