Cardinals to Councillors

19 Sep 2012 09:40 #73973 by Mark Anjuu
After some discussion, the Council of TOTJO has decided on the following:

The office of member of the Council had previously been referred to with the designation "Cardinal". Since this was a remnant of the old Rites-based system, we have chosen to reflect the evolution of the Temple and change the designation to "Councillor". The responsibilities and nature of the offices will not change.

Rev. Mark Barwell OCP
  • Pastor of the Order
  • Vice President, Bishop and Councillor of TOTJO
  • Arch-Bishop of the U.K.
  • GrandMaster Knight of Jediism
  • Paganism Special Interest Advisor
Apprentices: Leena, Darren, Slydogstags, meatloaf, Rosalyn J
Former Apprentices: Karn, Angelus, Adder, Phortis Nespin
The following user(s) said Thank You: Jestor, Lycaenion, Wescli Wardest, LTK, Darren, SeanChing, Alexandre Orion, PatrickB, User11210, MCSH

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