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29 Jun 2012 21:53 #65438 by ren
I was testing a CDN to make the site faster and less prone to attacks (we get a lot of those).

The CDN partially crashed, causing certain networks to be unable to connect to totjo. Although this means the site was unavailable to some people for some time, it was a problem with the CDN, not with our software, our machines or our network.

I have now altered the configuration so that connections are made directly to totjo and not to the CDN anymore. This was always meant to be a short test of an unfinished product to see if it was in our interest to use it. Technical issues aside, I do not believe we need this technology yet, as the upgrade for the site I'm working on will benefit from certain improvements making it unnecessary for us to use a CDN.

Sorry for the downtime, some of you may not be able to read this message yet as network changes of this type can take some time to come into effect. Thank you for your patience (and reporting the issue on facebook).

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